Feb 22, 2011

Twelve Pound Tuesdsay!

Roasting everything in twelve pound batches today. Roasting twelve pounds at a time is more arduous than a typical batch, the curve compresses and is much more susceptible to heat variations. Luckily I roast like a boss and accept the challenge of such epic roasting.

Organic Costa Rica La Amistad
Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango
Organic Honduras Octotepque
Sumatra Harimau Tiger

I also dialed in a new espresso blend this morning and I must say it is approaching facemelting status. Since the crazy Sumatran weather is keeping all exports from getting here I've had to find substitutes for that part of the espresso blend. Typically Sumatra is the heavy-hitter, adding big body and dark chocolate notes to the blend. I substituted a microlot of washed Sulawesi to the blend and it has really taken it to the next level. I'd love to be able to continue this blend but unfortunately I already blew through all the Sulawesi.


  1. i sure could go for some good coffe right about now!

  2. I love a good coffee, but have never put so much time or effort into knowing about the blend, what goes into it and the different flavours, etc. It's amazing how, like wine, so many different types of flavours can come through in a roast, and that mixing different coffees together produces such different results. Really interesting!

  3. Nice info. My blog today would kinda tie into yours! Be sure to give your used coffee grounds to a friend/neighbor who makes compost! Or start our own pile. :)

    I follow and support those who do likewise.