Mar 7, 2011

Latte Art Series: 3-stop tulip

After a record-breaking roasting week last week (over 1300 Lbs!) I am back to a semi regular work day here at the roastery. I'd love to write up a how-to or at least an intro to latte art; until then, I'll post some different latte art designs and how to achieve them.

Today I'm going big with a 3-stop tulip / heart design:

Roaster vs. Roaster

Stop-pour is quite literal: you stop pouring milk at a certain point, then resume, causing a break in your design. You'll notice 2 breaks in the design where there are more dominant hues of the crema between the 3 parts of the design. This pour is unique in that there was very little shake in the pour (which is usually done to create "leaves" for the tulip / rosetta design, as can be seen in the middle part of the design. The heart on top was created by simply pouring in one spot. To end the pour, a very thin stream of milk is pulled through the center of the design to create the final look.

Mar 1, 2011

Short Intermission


Very busy days lately, two new shipments of green coffee in and some huge orders going out. Looks like we're finally pulling out of the yearly slump. I'm compiling monthly statistics today so stay tuned for some very interesting logistical data!