Feb 10, 2011

Roastlog: Wed Feb 9 2011

Catching up from yesterday!

Organic Costa Rica La Amistad - Espresso
Organic Guatemala Adisque - Espresso
Organic Peru Cepicafe - Espresso
Organic Sumatra "Mega" Mandheling - Espresso
Organic French Sumatra - French roast
Kenya Thika French Mission Bourbon - Al Fine
Decaf. French Sumatra - French roast

A quick breakdown of some roast level nomenclature, from lightest roast to darkest:
Cinnamon (light)
City (light-med)
City+ (medium)
Full City (espresso falls in this range)
Full City + (also espresso)
Al Fine ("to the finish")

The history of these profiles is pretty interesting and I will be making a more in-depth post about it this weekend.

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  1. man, reading all this coffee business in the morning really make me want a cup.