Feb 8, 2011

Roastlog: Tue 8 Feb 2011

Primo PRI-20 coffee roaster with Cyclone
My baby .

Another mild roasting day. Going to pay for it tomorrow though, since I'm not roasting spro. We got about 6 inches of fresh snow last night, and really I'd like to be as far away from a 400 degree roaster as I can (such as -- up in the mountains with all this fresh pow!). But all the same, I love all the rituals that involve coffee and that certainly applies to my rituals with roasting coffee.

Organic Costa Rica La Amistad - 22.4Lbs - light roast
Organic Honduras Octotepque - 18Lbs - light roast
Organic French Sumatra - 24Lbs - very dark roast
Organic Honduras Octotepque - 12Lbs - very dark roast
Ethiopia Harrar Ali Brothers - 12Lbs - very dark roast
Decaf Sumatra - 22.4Lbs - medium roast


  1. What the hell! That's very strange but I like it =P

  2. yep we got a fresh layer of snow myself. and all that coffee sounds wonderful.

  3. 400 degree sounds nice right about now. Kinda cold here..