Feb 18, 2011

Coffee in the Wild!

A little something different for Friday, some examples of bringing specialty coffee to the wilderness! These are from a camping trip last Summer. Coffee lovers will see a Buono being heated by gas flame and shirk away, but this is how things get done around here. Ever brew coffee at 11,000 ft?

Happy Friday everyone!

My pack in late Summer 2010, complete with V60 awesomeness. I would later learn it is a BAD IDEA to have a ceramic coffee maker attached to the outside of my pack via steel 'biner.

The natural fit of Buono on backpacking stove indicates they really were made for each other. Notice the nice patina on the outside of the Buono, it had already been used over a campfire the previous morning.

The essentials, left to right: Mosquito repellent (suckers were nasty!), Hario Skerton (top only) -- v60 filters and coffee below, Nissan thermos (best thermos on planet), Hario V60, granola, dog leash. Everything you need to go backpacking!

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