Feb 9, 2011

Kenya Thika French Mission Bourbon

Yes, there is actually a varietal of coffee called bourbon!

This is what I made this morning, in a chemex, and was extremely pleasantly surprised to finally find the coconut-like notes I had been told were present in this cup. What makes this find so interesting is that this coffee is 6 days off roasting. Some people would be tossing this coffee out for "lack of freshness" but up here at high elevation coffee takes a lot longer to stale. This has to do with barometric pressure and maybe some other factors, but that is a really long post to get into -- and I almost cut my thumb off yesterday, making typing extremely difficult today!

Found this great photo of an African drying bed. Coffee cherries are put on these screens and raised up, allowing coffee to dry more evenly. This is a fairly cheap method to get much better coffee (and a much better price for it).

Coffee Drying
Photo CC Flickr user adamp1988.